Lethbridge Shuttle Ltd. is a Lethbridge-based company that offers a safe, affordable, and reliable Ride-Share (shuttle) from the City of Lethbridge to Calgary and back. Door-to-door shuttle service is free for Lethbridge clientele, and available for some surrounding area customers as well.*

Lethbridge Shuttle Ltd. offers limited delivery services from Lethbridge to Calgary. For more details, please contact us. Or visit our delivery page.

Shuttle to Lethbridge from Calgary as well as Calgary Airport are available services to the city of Lethbridge on a regular basis. Check the booking page for further details.

If you arrive at Calgary International Airport and you need a ride to Lethbridge or planing to travel from Lethbridge to Calgary Airport, then you came to the right place. Check Lethbridge Shuttle schedule  and see if it matches with your flight schedule. If you need a privet ride contact us and we will make sure to accommodate you. Lethbridge Shuttle Ltd offers customized trips to Calgary Airport for families and groups. special rates will be given to large groups or families. An early booking would help us in better accommodating our clients, please book your trip as early as you can.


*Extra charges may apply.